Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Pnin (fwd)
From: Galya Diment <galya@u.washington.edu>

Only four stories appeared in the New Yorker; Chapter Two was rejected,
for example, because of its harsh attack on Freudianism, Nabokov felt.
There are some minor -- but in some ways significant changes -- from
stories to the novel. I have a whole chapter on that in my forthcoming
book on Pnin (Pniniade: Marc Szeftel and Vladimir Nabokov) and could send
it to you if you are interested.

Galya Diment

> From: Spellman <spellman@greennet.net>
> I have just finished reading Pnin and enjoyed it very much. It is
> my understanding that all but the last chapter appeared as individual
> stories in the New Yorker. [the introducction said so]
> My question is how was it edited (if it was) from six stories to
> make it into one novel?