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Joyce and Nabokov (fwd)
From: mxc52@psu.edu

I am writing a paper on Joyce's _Ulysses_, and I have switched topics too
many times to remember. However, knowing the connections between Joyce and
Nabokov pointed out in several articles, I was wondering if anyone could
see (as I think I see) a parallel between _Invitation to a Beheading_ and
"Circe" ... One way we've discussed "Circe" is as a representation of the
subconscious (a debatable point already), and though I'm not sure I'd
consider ITAB as a representation of the subconscious, both Joyce and
Nabokov do similar things in each (or so I think). I think it might be
interesting to do something in twenty pages (the required #) with these two
texts, but I am concerned that a. it's not feasible, relevant, etc... and
b. it's been done already somewhere I am unaware of... Of course, I still
need to come up with something to say, and I don't merely want to suggest
that Joyce influenced Nabokov... what I need to do is to suggest how
thinking about these two texts together illuminates something about Joyce
(the seminar deals with Joyce and Conrad) that hasn't been considered in
detail yet. Argh. Anyway, any suggestions, comments, feedback, etc... is
appreciated. If I come up with anything more specific, I'll be sure to
post it to the list.

Marianne Cotugno