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Rutgers University Seminar (fwd)
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Subject: Rutgers University Seminar

ARTS IN TRANSITION: Literature and Visual Art in Russia, Central and
East Europe Since 1989

a year-long seminar Fall 1997/Spring 1998 presented by

in collaboration with MASON GROSS SCHOOL OF THE ARTS


Description of 1997-98 theme:

With the momentous changes that have occurred in this region since the
end of Soviet hegemony have come enormous challenges for visual artists
and writers whose work must respond to these new realities. However
difficult their lives were under communism, the new orders that have
arisen in its wake have given rise to a new set of difficulties,
opportunities, redefinitions.

Arts in Transition will investigate a wide range of issues including
cultural, social, and economic factors that shape the production of art.
The seminar will also examine and interpret recent artworks and writings
from the region. Among possible topics to be addressed are:

7 changing infrastructures
7 market censorship versus state censorship
7 current venues such as galleries and publications
7 new media, forms, genres
7 the role of the critic
7 gender and the arts
7 popular culture and the canon
7 interaction with the West
7 emigri art and literary activity

The Center for Russian Central and East European Studies is committed to
the interdisciplinary study of this region. The 1997-1998 seminar builds
on previous annual seminars at CRCEES which examined transitions in the
region from various perspectives. The 1996-1997 seminar, Locations of
Gender: Central and East Europe was funded by a Ford Foundation Grant
and jointly sponsored by Rutgers Program in Women s Studies. Arts in
Transition will be run in collaboration with the Mason Gross School of
the Arts. In addition, Rutgers University s Zimmerli Art Museum with
its huge holdings in the Norton and Nancy Dodge Collection of
Non-conformist Art Soviet Union provides a unique context within which
to study more recent developments in the visual arts.


The Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies (CRCEES)
invites applications from faculty, graduate students and visitors for
its 1997-1998 seminar Arts in Transition: Literature and Visual Art in
Russia, Central and East Europe Since 1989.

The theme of the 1997-1998 seminar, Arts in Transition, will be
explored through a multi-faceted program that includes monthly
colloquia, and a distinguished artist presentation each semester.
Exhibitions, a translation project, working papers, and artists- and
writers- in-residence will supplement the program. A complementary film
series, presented in conjunction with the Rutgers Film Co-op may be
offered throughout the year.

Pending availability of funding, a limited number of fellows will
receive research support of $1000. Rutgers Fellows will be joined by
American and international scholars and artists, especially from
Russia, central and east Europe. Fellows are expected to be present at
the Center s monthly colloquia, at which they may present their own
research, and to attend all on-going events.

Applicants from all disciplines with projects related to the seminar are
welcome. Please complete the enclosed application. Attach your
curriculum vitae and a brief (3-4) page description of your project and
its relevance to the particular theme of the seminar. Please submit your
complete application form and supporting documents in triplicate.

Applications for the year-long seminar are due February 10, 1997.
Awards will be announced around March 15, 1997.

For further information, please contact 1997-98 co-organizers:
Prof. Gerald Pirog, Associate Director CRCEES or
Prof. Diane Neumaier, Visual Arts, Mason Gross School of the Arts
CRCEES, 172 College Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08903, USA
tel. 908/932-8551, fax 908/932-1144

ARTS IN TRANSITION: Literature and Visual Art in Russia, Central and
East Europe Since 1989

Center for Russian, Central and East European Studies
in collaboration with Mason Gross School of the Arts
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

1997-98 Application for Faculty, Graduate Student, and Visiting


Do you wish to be considered for research support? _______________

Check only one: Rutgers faculty _____ Rutgers graduate student _____
Visitor ______
Institutional affiliation:
Department or other affiliation:
Work address:


Home address:

Telephone: Wk.___________________ Home __________________
Research interests:
Degree Year Institution
Seminar topics that interest you:



Please send in triplicate:
1) completed application form
2) the most recent copy of your curriculum vitae
3) a brief description (3-4 double spaced pages) of your research or
project and its relevance to the particular theme of the seminar.

Please return BY MAIL ONLY the completed application to the 1997-98
seminar co-organizers:
Professor Gerald Pirog, Associate Director, CRCEES or
Professor Diane Neumaier, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Visual Arts
CRCEES 172 College Avenue New Brunswick, NJ 08903