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: Waugh's LOVED ONE & LOLITA:Thirty years late,
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Dear Nabokovians,

This may be old news to many, but I recently saw the film version of
Evelyn Waugh's THE LOVED ONE (as inflated by scriptwriters Terry Southern
and C. Isherwood to near bursting point). Early in the film, the young
English protagonist is lunching with his uncle in a studio commissary.
The uncle, played by John Gielgud (one of many famous names spangling the
film -- he and Liberace both supply some class to balance out Jonathan
Winters' dual role), orders "his usual: deep dish Lolita." The film of
course was made not long after Supernova Dolores was published. It is
about as true to the tone of the original as Kubrick's LOLITA. Very funny
moments, however.

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