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quote query & ceramic Karner Blue butterflies
EDITOR'S NOTE. Re item 1 below: The ZEMBLA footer translates, roughly,
as "And thought loves a curtain, a camera obscura." A camera obscura is
"a darkened, box-like device, in which images of external objects are
received through an aperture to be projected on a surface arranged to
receive them." I confess not to recognize the quote, but will check with
Jeff Edmunds, the wizard of ZEMBLA at
http: //

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1.Would somebody translate the ZEMBLA footer for me?

A mysl' liubit zanavesku, kameru obskuru.

2. There is a ceramist here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, a friend of mine, who
specializes in ceramic butterflies, taken mostly from nature but also from
the imagination. She is going to make for me some of our favorite
butterfly, the Karner blue (Lycaeides melissa samuelis Nabokov). If they
turn out nice, I will tell the list. They might be the perfect gift for a
Nabokovian. (I downloaded a picture of the critter from (also 3 and 4.html)