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Re: lolita bibilography (fwd)
From: Patricia Travis (GD 1996) <patricia.travis@yale.edu>
To: Vladimir Nabokov Forum <NABOKV-L@UCSBVM.UCSB.EDU>

My heartfelt thanks to the many list-ers who replied to my query about
Lolita's foreward and afterword. I now have a storehouse of material that
will keep me busy for some time.
One other question-- what's the
history of the essay "The Art of Literature and Common Sense" that appears
in Lectures on Literature? While the introduction to that volume explains
the place that each other lecture held in VN's course, no mention is made
of how this interesting piece fit into the thematics or the pedagogy of
the course (although connections are clear). I'd be interested to know
anything about this essay, where it came from, how it funtioned in the
Cornell classroom, and how it came to be included in this volume.

Trysh Travis
Yale American Studies