Vladimir Nabokov

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Research on Movie Lolita (fwd)
From: Alphonse Vinh - Reference Library - x2350 <AVINH@npr.org>

I'm researching the background for a NPR story on Adrian Lyne's Lolita. We are
interested in why the film has not been able to attract a distributor in the
States. The French backers insist that the film must attain an "R" rating which
will be hard given the nature of the film. One of the issues is the new Child
Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 which is extremely justifiable; however,
this will impinge on Lyne's rights as an artist to disseminate his work. I
wonder how Nabokov would have fared if his novel were written now. I welcome
any help on the issue of the Lolita film and obscenity and child pornography.
Since our story will be edited to a length of between 9 and 15 minutes,
certainly, I would like to see VN included somehow. Does anyone know of
existing tape with him speaking on Lolita?

Crazily calm, lucidly stressed,

Alphonse Vinh