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Re: Introduction to VN for early teens (fwd)
EDITOR's NOTE. Sergey Il'yn <isb@glas.apc.org>, author of the response
below, has translated much of Nabokov's English prose into Russian.
_Literaturnaia gazeta_ of Nov. 13, 1996 carries his translation of
Chapters I: 13-14 from ADA "with some cuts," he says. His full
translation of ADA is forthcoming.
At 08:46 11/14/96 -0800, you wrote:
>From: rfoster <robert.foster@sympatico.ca>
>In keeping with your request to participate a bit more, I would like to ask
>the group for suggestions on how best to introduce one's children (mine are
>13 and 14) to the works of VN. My children are starting to get curious
>about who this Nabokov is as I have two bookshelves filled with material by
>or about the man. About a month ago, I suggested to my son, who devours
>Dragonlance fantasy books, to start with _Speak, Memory_ and perhaps some of
>the short stories (from the Viking Portable collection) but he has yet to
>get back to me. Can anyone else relate stories about introducing VN's work
>to the younger reader??
>Bob Foster
My own variant of Nabokovian initiating for 13-14 years boy (my son which
is fantasy reader) is "Priglashenie na kazn'" ("Invitation to Beheading") -
but without great success, it seems.
Sergey B. Il'in

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