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Re: Query: Madelon II (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. While I suspect Bernard Kreise's explanation is right, VN
was fond of double (and triple) layer allusions, so the Celine suggestion
below may be relevant. Does anyone have the words to the song within easy

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There's a Madelon in Celine's _Journey to the End of Night_. A possessive
young woman. But Madelon *II*?


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In SPEAK, MEMORY (Chptr 14, section 1; [p. 278 in the Putnam hardback]),
VN complains that HE has never encountered any of those fabled, cultured
Germans one reads about. He ends his list of "example" Germans with "or
simply the so-called wholesome and kindly folks that during the last war
homesick soldiers from the Middle West seem to have preferred so much to
the cagey French farmer and to brisk Madelon II."

QUESTION: Madelon II???

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