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Nabokov Panel, ALA Convention (fwd)
From: Ellen Pifer <epifer@UDel.Edu>

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Is anyone interested in devising and chairing/soliciting
papers for a panel on Nabokov, sponsored by the International Vladimir
Nabokov Society, for the Annual Convention of the ALA (Amer. Lit. Assoc.)
to be held in Baltimore, Maryland (May 22-25, 1997), should write/e-mail
Ellen Pifer, Vice-Pres. of the VN Society (e-mail address:
epifer@udel.edu) to obtain the necessary information and forms.

Session proposals are due in the Conference Director's office by Jan. 30,
1997. (This is the FINAL DEADLINE--recommended deadline is Dec. 30,
1996). All panel participants must be members of the Nabokov Society.