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Trout, Butterflies, & Begonias
I mentioned the other day that there is a (sub-?)species of trout named
after the Charles Dicken's character "Dolly Varden" and then went on the
note that several species of Butterflies were named after Nabokov
characters. Below, Sam Schuman, a founding member and quondam president of
the Nabokov Society, offers an additional tidbit.

From: sam schuman <schumans@CAA.MRS.UMN.EDU>

There is a hardy species of Rhododendron named NOVA ZEMBLA. (See my note
is in Number 6 (Spring, 1981) of the VNRN. I note that, a truly
Kinbotian plant, one horticultural direction urges one to "give them some

Samuel Schuman
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
and Dean
University of Minnesota, Morris