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Re: Homosexuals in VN (fwd)
From: Andy Shaindlin <shain@umich.edu>

RE>Homosexuals in VN (fwd) 11/4/96

Bennett in Thailand mentions the characteristics of lesbians enumerated in
ADA. Here it is:

"He [Van] had read somewhere (we might recall the precise title if we tried,
not Tiltil, that's in Blue Beard...) that a man can recognize a Lesbian,
young and alone (because a tailored old pair can fool no one), by a
combination of three characteristics: slightly trembling hands, a cold-in-the
head voice, and that skidding-in-panic of the eyes if you happen to scan with
obvious appraisal such charms as the occasion might force her to show (lovely
shoulders, for instance)."
ADA (pp.164-5, Vintage paper)

He then goes on to explain that Cordula had none of the three
"characteristics," and that the quote is from 'Mytilene, petit isle' by Louis
Pierre. Is there any such work?? As for the characteristics, they describe
one of my friends too, but she's not a 'lezbianochka.' I think the
description by VN is deliberately obtuse

Andy Shiandlin