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Re: Dolly Varden Trout & VN's Butterflies (fwd)
EDITOR'S COMMENT. The following admittedly has little to do with
Nabokov, but just in case you thought some of the NABOKV-L queries and
answers a trifle arcane, I offer the following item from the Charles
Dickens LIst. The original question was whether a Californa trout
(sub-?)species name "Dolly Varden" was connected with a Dickens' character.
There are, of course, several butterflies named after Nabokov
characters, as well as those named for him and by him. Dieter Zimmer's
recent A GUIDE to NABOKOV's BUTTERFLIES lists these. A detailed article,
"Nabokov as a Lepidopterist: An Informed Appraisal" by three
lepidopterists, Kurt Johnson, G. Warren Whitaker, and Zsoltan Balint will
appear in the forthcoming 1996 issue of NABOKOV STUDIES. Inter alia, it
contains a table listing all of the lepidoptera with Nabokovian

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Dear Dickensians, Yes, the fish is named after the Dickens character. A
few years ago an editor of a book about endangered California animals
called me about this, wanting to know in which novel Dolly Varden
appeared. The story is that the trout was first noted near a
nineteenth-century Sierra resort. The daughter of the owner (or the cook,
or some employee) of the resort loved Dickens and especially the Dolly
Varden character.

Linda Rosewood Hooper
Dickens Project Coordinator