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VN Preface to _Laughter in the Dark_
EDITOR'S NOTE. Michael Juliar is the compiler of _VLADIMIR NABOKOV: A
Descriptive Bibliography_(NY: Garland, 1986).

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In response to Christine Raguet-Bouvart query:

In his book on Nabokov, Maurice Couturier mentions a Preface to LAUGHTER IN
THE DARK, which appeared in the Fawcett edition: Greenwich , Conn., Fawcett
Cress Book, 1968, and nowhere else. Maurice had this book, but
unfortunately, he lent it to a student who never gave it back to him. I
found no trace of this Preface anywhere I looked. Could anyone help me
locate a copy of the book OR the Preface?


As far as I know, Nabokov never published a preface of any kind in any language
to Laughter in the Dark. In fact, LitD has never been issued by Fawcett.
Couturier must be confusing another book's preface with LitD's.
Perhaps the 1969 Fawcett edition of King Queen Knave?

Michael Juliar