Vladimir Nabokov

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Para-Nabokoviana: W.G. Sebald
EDITOR'S NOTE. Dieter E. Zimmer is Nabokov's leading German translator
and the editor of the 25 volume Rowohlt editon of Nabokov's work. His _A
Guide to Nabokov's Butterflies_ (1996) is an essential research tool for
scholars investigating the complex interrelations between Nabokov the
writer and Nabokov the scientist. Zimmer's invaluable VN
critical bibliography (available on the Nabokov Web site ZEMBLA
http: //www.libraries.psu.edu/iasweb/nabokov/nsintro.htm) is a starting
point for all VN research.

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I might add that Sebald has written a brilliant and highly perceptive
essay on Nabokov in the special Nabokov issue of "du" (Zurich) spring.

--Dieter E.Zimmer--