Vladimir Nabokov

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VN's Kafka lecture (fwd)
From: Stacy Vlasits <vlasits@hillhouse.ckp.edu>

A few weeks ago someone mentioned the PBS special on Nabokov which
starred Christopher Plummer as VN delivering his famous lecture on
Kafka's Metamorphisis (1984, I believe). Two weeks ago, while researching a
different PBS special I happened to be at WQED Pittsburgh which produced both
shows. While discharging my other duties I had the chance to get two
production staff member's perspective on the affair. The two men told
several amusing and not altogether flattering stories about the actor
which I won't pass along. Neither of them thought the show was much to
crow about from a technical standpoint, citing such howlers as visible
light stands and some imperfectly applied putty behind Mr. Plummer's ears
(supposedly to make them wing out, as VN's did.) I have not yet had the
opportunity to see the original, but one of the production staff said
he'd make me a copy. When I retrieve it I'll try to eke out a bit more
information/gossip to report. Also, I'd be glad to answer questions
about the tape.

Mr. Stacy G. Vlasits
Pittsburgh, PA