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QUERY: Laughter in the Dark / Preface (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. The Juliar VN Bibliography does not show the edition=20
mentioned below. Does anyone have any information on such an edition--and=
especially on a VN Preface written for it?

From: OLLIER Nicole - Pays Anglophones <ollier@montaigne.u-bordeaux.fr>

In his book on Nabokov, Maurice Couturier mentions a Preface to LAUGHTER IN
THE DARK, which appeared in the Fawcett edition: Greenwich , Conn., Fawcett
Cress Book, 1968, and nowhere else. Maurice had this book, but
unfortunately, he lent it to a student who never gave it back to him. I
found no trace of this Preface anywhere I looked. Could anyone help me
locate a copy of the book OR the Preface?

Thank you. =20
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