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Re: Three questions (fwd)
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>Dear Nabokovians,
>Can anyone help me with the following questions:
>2. In "Nikolay Gogol", VN compares the ephemeral homunculi popping out of
>"Government Inspector" characters' speech to " the little firm heads of witch
>doctors bursting out of the body of an African explorer in a famous short
>story". What story?

Winging it here as this comes in, the story is (with my possible misspellings)
"Lukundu". It is findable in most collections of "horror" stories, along
with things like "Monkey's Paw", "The Wendigo" etc. Try your Reference
Librarian: might be a 'c' instead of a 'k' -- COULD be (but I think not)
'oo' for 'u'. Don't read this gruesome little gem alone late at night.

Query: How did BB know it?

Ki semenat ispinaza, non andet iskultsu!

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