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More Nabokov and Football/Soccer (fwd)

I was recently clicking through Dieter Zimmer's
bibliography of Nabokov criticism at the Zembla Web site and I came across a
rather strange coincidence - this is fairly facile but it tickled me
nonetheless and is in keeping with a recent posting on the list concerning
"Nabokov and Football" :

1) Petrescu, Dan. "Nabokov sau obsesia simetriei" [Nabokov or Symmetrical
Obsession]. Viata Romaneasca [Bucharest] 82, no. 6 (June 1987), pp.

The author of this article has a namesake in the U.K from a most unlikely
profession. Dan Petrescu is the name of a rather cultured soccer player
who plays now for the London club of Chelsea but originally came to
prominence as a member of Romania's world cup team during U.S.A 94. I have
a feeling that he used to play for the famous "Steua Bucharest" team in
his home country which only adds to the coincidence. I would be elated to
discover that the two Dan Petrescus are one and the same but imagine it is
perhaps a common name of the John Smith ilk. Amusing possibilty though as
footballers are not reknowned in the U.K for their intelligence

Joseph Piercy
University Of Wolverhampton