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Zimmer "Essay" on ZEMBLA
EDITOR'S NOTE. In calling attention to Dieter Zimmer's review of the
German production of Nabokov's early play, THE POLE, I referred to it as
an "essay." Dieter Zimmer's message below comments on this and goes on to
urge that users of ZEMBLA and NABOKV-L report all "Nabokov news" to
these two venues. NABOKV-L has made a valiant attempt to do for three
years. Although the list now has about 350 subscribers, only a relatively
small number of regulars contribute news items. I am immensely grateful
to these people, but would like to encourage further contributions. They
need not be elaborate.

I am afraid I have to decline the honor of having my short contribution, in
ZEMBLA, on "The Pole" at the Berlin Schaubuehne called an "essay". It is just a
journalistic scrap of information and an "essai" (= attempt) only in so far as
there are no established ways of doing such things on the Internet. Not aiming
so high was to a purpose. I myself would very much like to be informed about
"current events" related to Nabokov taking place all over the world, most of
which I will not be able to witness myself, and I believe the Internet, and
specifically ZEMBLA, would be an ideal medium to broadcast such information. So
I would greatly appreciate if anybody out there who happens to witness such
current events would offer Jeff Edmunds to report on them in ZEMBLA. If people
felt that not less than an "essay" was expected of them, nobody would ever. So
the modest form was really meant as an encouragement.
--Dieter E. Zimmer, Hamburg, Germany--

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