Vladimir Nabokov

NABOKV-L post 0001353, Mon, 14 Oct 1996 19:46:28 -0700

1. ZEMBLA, the splendid VN Web site run by Jeff Edmunds at Penn State
has two new features.

a) As the premier item in a plan to run one outstanding article
on each of the novels, ZEMBLA now offers Leona Toker's "MARY: "Without
Any Passport." Jeff Edmunds has added a marvellous graphic of Lusya
Shulgina, Nabokov's "first love" who was the prototype for SPEAK,
MEMORY'S Tamara, and MASHENKA'S Mary.

b) ZEMBLA's second new item is Dieter Zimmer's essay (with
pictures) of a new German (and soon to be French) stage production of
Nabokov's 1923 play THE POLE, a poetic meditation based on Scott's diary
of his fatal Antartic expedition of 1912. Nabokov had seen the diary on
display in London.

2) Sandy Klein <taxi@flinet.com> calls attention to the web address
which is the NY Cyber Times edition. Each week it lisst the top ten this &
that for various countries and captials. In an article on Moscow's
burgeoning book trade, a biography of Nabokov is mentioned. {I assume
that this is the recent Nosikbiography). In passing, I note that a Nick
Cave release is among the best-selling CDs in Moscow. Cave has often
spoken of his admiration for Nabokov.