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Conference on autobiographical writings (fwd)
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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 1996 13:15:47 +0200

The University of Groningen organizes a conference on
autobiographical writings from 13 - 15 november 1996.

This major international and interdisciplinary conference will focus
on the ways in which individuality is expressed in a range of
autobiographical texts, from formal memoirs and confessions to
diaries and letters. We will discuss works from Old English to post-
modernism. Although many of the autobiographers stem from the Anglo-
American tradition, texts by French, Russian, African and Indian
authors will also be discussed.

The aim of the conference is to investigate, on a general theoretical
as well as individual textual level, the written representation of
individual identity. Among the topics which play a part in the
construction of the self in autobiographical texts are language,
gender, culture, and nationality, historical circumstance and
questions of the nature of identity.

These issues will be addressed in the wideranging programme of over
70 papers. In addition, panels will consider the influence of the
ways in which autobiographies are lived, authored, revised, edited,
read and interpreted.
Plenary speakers will include Meena Alexander, Elspeth Graham,
Wessel Krul, John Carlos Rowe and Judy Simons.

For more details on the conference see web-site: