Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: Nabokov?Freud?Jung (fwd)

Vitaly Kupisk said:

>I believe VN resisted these three theories because the particular focus of
>philosophical and artistic inquiry -- awareness of consciousness embodied
>in the
>perishable flesh and the relationship of this consciousness to the phenomenal
>world -- required rejection of united spacetime and its All-time
>word-lines, of
>natural selection with its predator-prey-food-climate hatchet,

Alexander Justice <jahvah@empirenet.com> replied:
Begging to differ, I thought VVN had reservations about evolutionary
theory (as understood by him) based on his scientific study of mimicry
and his concrete observations that it goes farther than natural selection
alone should be able to make it go. That is, the details composing
mimetic features were much finer that predators could observe or needed

Now Vitaly Kupisk again:
Yes, and he had some physicists to cite to the effect special theory of
relativity had very little experimental evidence supporting it. I just think
that he had a very particular focus and set of values, and these opinions of his
have to do with his inquiry into human condition as well as with their
"scientific" content.

In many cases nature reaches in its expression beyond the need for survival, and
into something that has all the feel of the "divine game" of art. His focus on
these instances is immediately connected (IMHO) with his "the world was created
on a Sunday" (SM) and the exclamation on the "creative laze", "everything is
here, in this phrase!" ("Dar", my translation from memory), i.e. the true
expression of the key aspects of consciousness is found when it's posessor is
not hustling for the survival.