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Re: (Fwd) Schiff's Defense (fwd)
From: Alexander Justice <jahvah@empirenet.com>

>"Waterworld," which is
>projected to turn a profit even in theatrical release (after
>overseas ticket sales are tallied), earned more at the box office
>because of the relentlessly bad press it received than it would
>have had it opened to little fanfare and suffered from

Mr. Frick's comment here should be read in light of the fact that the
studio which made _Waterworld_ was bought by Seagram's from Sony before
the picture released, with much of the cost of the film falling on Sony,
so that the studio could hardly fail to turn a profit.

As for the Nabokov/Freud issue, I arrived at Nabokov's opinion over a
decade before my introduction to him, largely through the interesting and
thought-provoking, if flawed, book THE MYTH OF MENTAL ILLNESS by Thomas
Szasz (yet another underrated Hungarian contribution to civilization).

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