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VN Bibliography / sale of VN-related books
From: Gennady Barabtarlo <gragb@mizzou1.missouri.edu>

A Bibliographic Note:

Novyi Zhurnal (New York) has published, in its 200th anniversary issue, my
Russian translations of VN's Aleppo, Forgotten Poet, Time and Ebb, and The
Vane Sisters; the first two are reworked versions of the previous
publication in Strelets; the last two are published for the first time.
Commentaries, a Translator's Afterword, very few typos (but one is amusing:
"kruPNykh zhivotov [big stomachs] in Perov's poem should be "kruGLykh"

A flurry of responses to Bob Aldwinckle's book list. Here are a few additions:

Dar, 1st ed. (1952) Chekhov Publ. House, exc. $180
Vesna v Fial'te 1st (1956) " " exc. $90

Mason, Nabokov's Garden exc. $20
VN, collection of items by Peter Quennell $25


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