Vladimir Nabokov

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REM, Bobby Ann Mason and VN (fwd)
I am hoping to put together a fall VNCollation, but in the meantime,
here is an item from the September 8, 1996 "New York Times", p. 64,
title, "Breaking New Ground, But the Roots Hold Fast.
Bobby Ann Mason, novelist and author of _Nabokov's Garden: A Guide to
Ada", wrote the article which profiles the Athens, GA based band REM.
Excerpts from an exchange between band member Michael Stipe and herself appear
"...For a period I was immersed in Nabokov - 'Transparent Things,'
'Lolita,' 'Ada.'"
"My favorite writer," I say.
"What he writes seems to come from the heart but his method
seems very mathematic."
"He's tricking you."
"It's surface? Good!" Michael laughs. "I want to go back to

Further dialogue between the two reveals that Michael, after thinking
they were too aloof, is learning to like cats better. Mason:

"No, I argue..Cat's--like Nabokov--are masters of deception. I'm bowled
over to find someone who has read "Ada." I know only about six people who
have had the patience to read it. I want to pursue the topic but there
isn't time."

Suellen Stringer-Hye
Jean and Alexander Heard Library
Vanderbilt University