Vladimir Nabokov

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VN & Grad School
To Maria Salazkina:

The graduate program in Russian literature and culture at the University of
Southern California concentrates on the modern period of, roughly,
1880-present and would thus be a receptive home to someone interested in
Nabokov, emigre literature and culture, as well as VN's Silver Age roots.
Also, in my person at least, it has someone avidly interested in VN who is
teaching a graduate seminar on him this spring semester (1997).

You can obtain information on our MA/PhD program by phoning the department at
213-740-2735, or writing to: Slavic dept., University of Southern California,
University Park, Los Angeles, CA 90089-4353. You may also wish to consult
our (not quite complete, but getting there) web page: go to
http://www.usc.edu, select Academic Resources, then Academic departments,
scroll down to Slavic languages and literatures.

Thomas Seifrid, Chair
Slavic Dept, USC