Vladimir Nabokov

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Nabokov and music (fwd)
From: joseph piercy <j9250308@wlv.ac.uk>

Argh ! Er ? I don't believe that I called for
"indescriminately endorsing" any approach, let alone advocating the
wholesale questioning of every opinion VN ever expressed. My point was
simply that just because VN disliked music or was unable to appreciate it
does not necessarily mean that there are not fruitful areas of
study/comparrison in this area esp, (in my humble opinion) regarding
textual analysis. I think Vitaly Kupisk is right in that we are confusing
the issue.

Surely we should all be "indescriminately endorsing" (at least to a large
degree) new, innovative explorations in Nabokov scholarship and not
running down projects on the grounds of little more than professional
pedantry. I must confess, "Algebraic Geometry in Pale Fire" sounds
fascinating and not the least bit glib. Sorry for any confusion and thanks
to Jeff Edmonds for the citation.

Regards, Joseph Piercy
University Of Wolverhampton United Kingdom j9250308@wlv.ac.uk