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VN & Music, etc. (fwd)
From: Vitaly Kupisk <104361.1700@CompuServe.COM>

I couldn't help contributiong my $.02 to this discussion. It seems that several
issues are being confused here:

(Music and VN) vs. (Music and VN's art). I believe that VN was sufficiently
self-aware and not at all coy (some things are better communicated in an
"indirect" way, that's different than coyness --- it wasn't out of "coyness"
that he didn't point out that awaiting ship to little Dmitry) so that we can
believe him when he says that music to him was a more or less random sequence of
sounds. I think, somewhere in SO he even regrets this fact, since because of
this tone-deafness he couldn't appreciate Dmitry's musical talent.
Another thing is music and his art. If someone were to write something like
"Structural parallels of "Glory" and Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" it might be
interesting, whether VN ever heard the piece or not.

But, on a more general level, of course there are global structures in his
compositions and crucial intonations in his textures of style, but local and
global design is present in all art and artifice. Why not then a paper on
"Algebraic geometry of "Pale Fire"" or "Quantum Chromodynamics and "Transparent

Vitaly Kupisk
Berkeley, California