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looking for Nabokov scholars (fwd)
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Dear fellow Nabokovians,

I am a college student doing my senior thesis on Lolita, and I am in
search of a graduate school for Slavic Lit., which would enable me
to do as much work on VN as possible. So far I am looking into Yale
and U of Texas at Austin, but I would appreciate it greatly if someone
could give me advice on schools and/or particular professors that
have an interest in VN (right now I am working with Richard Dillard
at Hollins College).

Another question - in Strong Opinions VN talks about the first drawings
that were made by apes (or monkeys?) at the Zoo being the bars of their
cages in relation to the origins of Lolita. I am very interested in the
topic of entrapment of VN's characters within the levels of their
realities and its relation to art theory. What do you make of that
Nabokov's remark in Strong Opinions?

Thank you for your help,

Maria Salazkina
EDITOR'S NOTE: The Winkler Verlag edition of LOLITA edited by Dieter
Zimmer has a page of notes & sources on the animals & art theme.