Vladimir Nabokov

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KQK article (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE: hanks to Jeff Edmunds <jhe@psulias.psu.edu>, editor of
the VN WWW site ZEMBLA at
for supplying the information below.

It was I who mentioned the KQK article. The full citation is:

Buhks, Nora. "Sur la structure du roman de Vl. Nabokov _Roi, dame, valet_"
in Revue des etudes slaves LIX/4, 1987, pp. 799-810.

Contigent upon Dr. Buhks' approval and permission from the Revue, I hope to
make an English translation of this excellent article available in Zembla in
the near future.

Jeff Edmunds

>EDITOR'S NOTE. I am not sure just what KQKn article joseph piercy
><j9250308@wlv.ac.uk> has in mind. does any one recall?

>P.s Somebody (sorry) mentioned an article on "King, Queen, Knave". I am
>having difficulty getting through to Zembla. Would it be possible to send
>out a full citation for this ?