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Media References to Lolita (fwd)
From: Julian W. Connolly <jwc4w@virginia.edu>

Two more references to Lolita in recent articles:

1. A brief article by Rachel Abramowitz entitled "Dangerous Liason" in the
August 1996 issue of _Premiere_ magazine, with comments by Adrian Lyne
about his film (pp. 72-73).

2. An article entitled "Balthus, at 88, Still a Man of Mystery" by Michael
Kimmelman in _The New York Times_ (Sunday, August 25; Section 2, Arts and
Leisure, pp. 32, 36) about a visit with Balthus in Switzerland. Balthus
expresses his dismay over the fact that some people see his "paintings of
girls as Lolitas," and he goes on to discuss his reasons for painting young
models. When asked for his opinion of the novel _Lolita_, he replied:
"It's very Russian. [. . .] But the subject doesn't interest me."