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essay program (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. A good many of you are probably teaching Freshman
composition while writing Nabokov dissertations. British Nabokovian Roy
Johnson, whose electronic book on VN's short stories appeared on
NABOKV-L, has developed an essay-writing program for students. It
is briefly described below. If you are interested, please contact Dr.
Johnson directly at <roy@mantex.demon.co.uk>.

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Date: Mon, 26 Aug 1996 23:57:53 GMT
From: Roy Johnson <Roy@mantex.demon.co.uk>

I am pleased to
announce the release of my computer-based
learning package - HELPDISK! (ISBN 0-9519844-8-9). This is
an essay-writing program for students in colleges and in
further and higher education. Suitable for all subjects
in the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

Topics covered include all aspects of essay-writing skills -
from understanding questions to the production of a finished
essay. A small sample of these topics is as follows:

a brief review a good essay
abbreviations analysing questions
apostrophes arguments
bibliographies categorising
checking drafts colons
conclusions dates
editing endnotes
evidence examination essays
footnotes generalisation
generating ideas grammar-checkers

The program comes on 3.5" floppy disk with its own hypertext
reader, and it may also be viewed in a Web browser. The
self-contained program may be used as an independent learning
aid, or as a work of reference. It also includes a full
glossary and suggestions for further reading.

The program runs in Windows 3.1 or above and requires only
1.0 MB hard disk space, with a 386 PC and 2MB RAM as
a minimum. It is available for individual users, and for
networking by institutions.

Dr Roy Johnson | roy@mantex.demon.co.uk
PO Box 100 | Tel +44 0161 432 5811
Manchester | Fax +44 0161 443 2766
M20 6GZ UK | http://www.[On its way!]