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Re: Paglia on Nabokov? (fwd)
From: phyllis roth <paroth@skidmore.EDU>

Camille Paglia writes on "Lolita Unclothed" in her book called VAMPS
AND TRAMPS: NEW ESSAYS, published by Vintage (Random House). Don't
have the date handy, but it was probably '95 or earlier this year.
Have the article in hand for summer reading, but haven't gotten to it
yet. Cheers! Phyllis Roth

Donald Barton Johnson writes:
> EDITORIAL NOTE. There was a NABOKV-L exchange about the subject matter of
> the following query some months ago. It can be located via a search of
> the list archive, but perhaps somebody has the reference at hand.
> --------------------------------------
> From: Michael R Moore <moore@U.Arizona.EDU>
> Greetings.
> I occasionally hear of an article Camille Paglia wrote on
> Nabokov--on Lolita?--but I've never been able to locate a reference.
> Does anyone know of such a thing?
> Thanks in advance.
> Best,
> Michael

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