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Re: VVN's research for LOLITA/research? (fwd)
From: Alexander Justice <jahvah@empirenet.com>

>This is astonishing! [though maybe one should not be surprised].
>Why should he do 'research'?? Isn't it quite apparent that
>writers - particularly those who are imaginative and creative -
>are perfectly capable of imaginging states of mind and
>proclivities possessed by others?

I'd already read that he did in fact do research for the novel -- the
tables of average heights of nymphets is perhaps a well-known example --
and one should remember that VVN was reportedly interested in psychology
all his life (as opposed to the Wienershaman faux-strudel). As for
imagination, it is no substitute for educated insight, either in fiction
or real life. For an excellent example, the inquisitive might want to
read MINDHUNTER by John Douglas.

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