Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: VVN's research for LOLITA (fwd)
From: Roy Johnson <Roy@mantex.demon.co.uk>

> Is anyone aware of what psychological sources VVN may have used in doing
> research for LO? While reading the novel, I was impressed by his insight
> in the construction of HH's interior state and paraphiliac symptoms.

This is astonishing! [though maybe one should not be surprised].

Why should he do 'research'?? Isn't it quite apparent that
writers - particularly those who are imaginative and creative -
are perfectly capable of imaginging states of mind and
proclivities possessed by others?

[Even more dangerous] - isn't it 'just possible' that VN
had such proclivities and thoughts himself [shock-horror!]
Dr Roy Johnson | roy@mantex.demon.co.uk
EDITOR'S NOTE. VN's Library of Congress Archive which contains his
LOLITA materials shows that he did do rather extensive background
research for the novel.