Vladimir Nabokov

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EDITOR'S NOTE. Stacy Schiff <SMSchiff@aol.com>, author of the recent
biography of French writer-aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery, is writing
a biography of Vera Nabokov.

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For a book on Vera Nabokov, to be published by Random House, I would be
interested in hearing from anyone who may have spent time with Mrs. Nabokov
(or who might like to pass on the names of others who did), as from anyone
who may have corresponded with Vera Nabokov. In addition, I would be
grateful to anyone who might be able to provide information about Vera
(Evseevna Slonim) Nabokov's background, or about her two sisters, Sonia
Slonim and Helene Slonim Massalsky.

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