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VVN's research for LOLITA (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Nabokov's research notes for LOLITA are in his Library of
Congress archive.I vaguely recall quite a bit of research on young girls
and the law and on paedophilia. Perhaps someone out there has looked at
this material more recently.
From: Alexander Justice <jahvah@empirenet.com>

>He had an interest in the subject of middle-aged men who
>are attracted to very young girls. It's as simple as that.
> Dr Roy Johnson | roy@mantex.demon.co.uk

Is anyone aware of what psychological sources VVN may have used in doing
research for LO? While reading the novel, I was impressed by his insight
in the construction of HH's interior state and paraphiliac symptoms. Of
course, I will arrive at the relevent section of Boyd's work soon, so
perhaps the question should be phrased as a request for any information
beyond that which has been presented there. Thank you!

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