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Zoo bars and LOLITA (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. So far as I know the most current statement on the origins
of VN' zoo monkey sketching the bars of his cage is Dieter Zimmer's
annotation at the end of his beautiful little Artemis & Winkler Verlag
edition of LO (1995). After what was doubtless a very thorough search of
the Parisian press, he thinks the story was probably "eine Fiktion." He
follows this with a survey of publications on animal art (p. 640). LOLITA
specialists should own this Swiss edition for the notes which contain much
that is not in Appel's annotated edition.
From: Roy Johnson <Roy@mantex.demon.co.uk>

The issue of VN's 'justification' for the origin of LOLITA
[in the ape painting incident] has been discussed here before.
Those getting carried away with what I still believe to be
a very typical piece of VN quasi-academic leg-pulling
should remember that "The Enchanter" was written in 1939.

He had an interest in the subject of middle-aged men who
are attracted to very young girls. It's as simple as that.
Dr Roy Johnson | roy@mantex.demon.co.uk