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Re: Appel & Nabokov (fwd)
From: Vitaly Kupisk <104361.1700@CompuServe.COM>

Bo Brock wrote:
>... Appel told me that he was disappointed in Ada and
>thought that Nabokov stretched a bit, as Joyce clearly did with Finnegan's
>Wake. When Nabokov heard that, he appeared "crestfallen"--he had always
>hoped that Ada would be his crowning achievement in the eyes of his critics...

I have seen the light after reading Brian Boyd's book ("Nabokov's Ada, the place
of consciousness") and am eager to look up his notes on "Ada" in the

But I am curious about the quotation marks around "crestfallen" -- are they to
attribute the word to someone (Appel, VN), and, if so, to whom? In view of the
theme of crested cornutos discussed in Boyd's book (and Nabokov's apparent
disregard for critics' opinions) I find the choice of the word amusing...

Vitaly Kupisk
Berkeley, California