Vladimir Nabokov

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Footnotes (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Alphonse Vinh <AVINH@npr.org> at NAtional Public Radio
provides a chance for immortality on a topic dear to the academical heart.
I am working with a correspondent on putting together a story based on
yesterday's New York Times article, "Footnotes Offering Fewer Insights,"
written by William H. Honan. Yall should take a look at it. As it is, my
book manuscript upon which I have laboured for > 3 years has roughly 77 pages
of footnotes (I do hope I am not a "harmful drudge").

I thought it would be fun for this NPR story to begin with references
to Nabokov's views on footnoting, especially considering the Master's 1400
paged commentary to "You-gin One-gin" and the never-to-be-forgotten Dr Charles
Kinbote's footnotes to the masterpiece of a fictional American poet.

Would any of yall have some nice quotations from Nabokov or Dr Kinbote
I could use in the piece? I welcome recommendations for choice tidbits.

Alphonse Vinh