Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: TV dramat. of VN's Cornell lectures/ Annot. "Ada" (fwd)
From: sam schuman <schumans@CAA.MRS.UMN.EDU>
This is, of course, the dramatization of the "lecture on lit." on Kafka's THE
METAMORPHOSIS. I've got it on video as, I'm sure,
do lots of others. An interesting sidelight: I happened to be in Montreux for
a too-quick visit with Dmitri and Vera Nabokov when this was just being
finished. Dmitri believed Plummer to be an excellent actor, but was
unenthusiastic about his interpretation of VN. He felt the whole performance
was not a very accurate representation of VN in the classroom. I've not heard
reactions from Nabokovians who actually witnessed Nabokov as professor, e.g.,
Steve Parker, Alfred Appel...