Vladimir Nabokov

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Re: TV dramat. of VN's Cornell lectures/ Annot. "Ada" (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Below is the first of several postings re the Plummer VN
Kafka lecture.

From: Charles Nicol <EJNICOL@root.indstate.edu>
Nabokov on Kafka

Christopher Plummer did a very good job of imitating Nabokov on a
half-hour PBS program entitled "Nabokov on Kafka." The supposed
students in the, I think, real Cornell lecture hall laughed right on
cue, unlike my students, and aside from that the only flaw was that
after Nabokov's insistence that the story was really "The
Transformation," it was called "The Metamorphosis" in the dramatized
lecture. It is available from Monterey Home Video. I own a copy,
which I ordered from some educational service that sends out
catalogs to English teachers. The Kafka lecture was the only one
that got this treatment.

--Chaz Nicol