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TV dramat. of VN's Cornell lectures/ Annot. "Ada" (fwd)
EDITOR'S NOTE. Other may well have additional information for Ryan Asmussen
<rra@bu.edu>, as for ADA annotations, the definite set by Brian Boyd is
surrently running in THE NABOKOVIAN. VN attached a brief set in the
Penguin paper edition. Re Plummer's performance, documentation is held by
Special Collection at Vanderbilt.
Dear Nab-L Subscribers,

I wonder if anyone has any information at all concerning a television
dramatization, probably made at least ten or so years ago, of VN's Cornell
lectures (Kafka, Joyce, etc.) starring Christopher Plummer? I don't expect
it to be available on video, but I would like to be able to tape it at some
point, and any facts or interesting bits pertaining to it that might lead
me in the right direction (or just serve to increase my knowledge on the
subject), would be greatly appreciated.

Another query (and this will testify to my comparative unfamiliarity with
the bibliography - I hope no one laughs...): does there exist an annotation
to "Ada" along the lines of Appel's for "Lolita"? If not, is there one in
the works, and how soon might it be available?

Thanks everyone,

Ryan Asmussen

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