Vladimir Nabokov

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VVN recordings (fwd)
EDITORIAL NOTE. In response to the query below from Alexander Justice
<jahvah@empirenet.com>, there is a set of two tape casettes called
VLADIMIR NABOKOV AT HARVARD with excerpts from PF, LO, and many
poems--both by VN and others. It is issued and was (and still maybe )
obtainable from the POETRY ROOM , Harvard College Library, Cambridge
Mass. 02138. I paid $24 some years ago. Made at various dates between 1952
and 1968 and edited by Stratis Haviaras & Michael Milbrun.
>I have an old LP of VN reading some of his poetry and the scene of Quilty's

I have an audio cassette version of same, and from time to time will use
VVN's Russian poetry recital as a greeting to callers on my voice mail.
It is wonderful to listen to (the whole tape, that is). Does anyone know
of any other recordings he made, or is that it?

Alexander Justice * jahvah@empirenet.com * Bialitt, California, USA

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