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Call for Papers for ACLA 1997 (fwd)

EDITOR'S NOTE: VN's work, particularly _PF_ and _Ada_, would certainly
be relevant to the conference seminar announced below by Cary Henson.


ACLA, April 10-13, 1997; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This seminar will explore a variety of issues related to the
construction and negotiation of fictional worlds, within the
larger framework of the 1997 American Comparative Literature
Conference's main topic, "New Worlds for Old."

The ACLA '97 seminar format will allow us to address such
a broad and complex topic in a way not feasible in traditional
4-paper panels. Each seminar will meet 2 hours a day for three
mornings (4 papers each day). Not only will we be able to
devote significant time to discussion and intellectual exchange,
but we also plan to incorporate in our seminar a broad variety of
critical, generic, and historical perspectives.

Specific topics might include: world making/unmaking of fictional worlds
in the context of post-colonialism and neo-colonialism; the application
of narrative theory to the shaping of fictional worlds in hypertext
environments; the possibility and justifiability of connections between
possible worlds theory in philosophy, textual fictional worlds, and
virtual reality; the relationship between the fictional worlds of fantasy,
science fiction, and those we encounter in more realistic fiction;
the differential roles of author and reader in the creation of
fictional worlds; the role that context, intertextuality, and generic
expectations play in understanding the representation of fictional worlds.

Proposals consisting of an abstract of no more than 250 words should
be submitted by 10 September:


Snail mail Cary Henson
Department of Comparative Literature
Ballantine Hall
Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405