Vladimir Nabokov

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Lyne's Lolita (fwd)
A friend dropped a clipping on my desk this morning, presumably from our
local paper:
'Lolita' too hot for U.S., director says

NEW YORK -- Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita has been made into another
movie, and the director is worried American audiences will never see it.
Adrian Lyne, director of Fatal Attraction, 91/2 Weeks, and Indecent
Proposal, finished filming six months ago and still does not have a U.S.
"If I were doing a movie about a 13-year-old getting chopped up by
cannibals, there'd be no problem," said Lyne, who is bracing for a fight
with the movies rating board. "If people don't have a problem with the book,
why should they have a problem with the movie?"
Lyne's is the second film version of the 1955 novel about a man's
obsession with a 14-year-old [sic!] girl. Stanley Kubrick directed the first
a generation ago.
"The novel is a magnificent work of art--which is why I'm so
terrified by it," Lyne told Entertainment Weekly. "Then, why wouldn't I want
to try to film it? Just beacuse it involves pedophilia?"

Jeff Edmunds