Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: Berdjis
EDITOR'S NOTE. Nassim Berdjis, who provides the information below on her
current work-in-progress, is also the author of IMAGERY VLADIMIR NABOKOV'S
PROSE WORKS OF THE 1930S. The back covers describes that work as follows:
"Based on a modified version of Roman Jakobson's theory of
metaphor and metonomy, structural and thematic analyses of imagery in
VN's last Russian novel, DAR/THE GIFT, and other prose works of the
thirties show growing complexity in the employment of images which can
form intricate patterns throughout an entire work. The results confirm
that DAR/THE GIFT constitutes the culmination of Nabokov's Russian prose.
Some of his Russian works were translated into English soon after their
publication; others were tackled decades later. A comparative analysis in
Nabokov's auto-translations or rewritten English versions grants
insights into long-term artistic development, and thus opens the doors to
further research on the relationship between his Russian and English works."
The publishing house "text + kritik" in Munich (Germany) has been
publishing a series on twentieth-century authors whose works have been
translated into German. The monographs in that series (edited by Renate
Oesterhelt) introduce the life and work of the respective author in about
160 pages of a paperback format. I am currently working on such a
monograph on Nabokov. Following a biographical chapter, all of Nabokov's
novels are introduced. The chronology is sometimes broken by treating
originally Russian and originally English works in one chapter, such as
"Invitation to a Beheading" and "Bend Sinister." This book shall not only
serve as a survey over Nabokov's prose works for readers who are
interested in literature in general, but it may also help readers
determine where they want to start their 'project' of reading Nabokov's
collected works published by Rowohlt, edited by Dieter E. Zimmer.

Nassim W. Berdjis
English Department
University of California Davis
Davis, CA 95616