Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliograpy
EDITOR'S NOTE. Jeff Edmunds, editor of ZEMBLA, the Nabokov WWW-site
http: //www.libraries.psu.edu/iasweb/nabokov/nsintro.htm, is the author
of a detailed review essay of French Nabokov criticsm in the forthcoming
issue of NABOKOV STUDIES #3 (1996).


With the recent addition of _Lolita_ to the 'agregation' list in
France, that country is witnessing a marked increase in the number of
scholarly works devoted to VN. Of recent note:

Bessiere, Jean, Antonio Fonyi and Vladimir Troubetskoy, eds. Le
double: Chamisso, Dostoievski, Maupassant, Nabokov. Paris: H. Champion,
1995. 202 pp. ISBN 285203722X.

Camet, Sylvie. L'un/l'autre ou le double en question:
Chamisso-Dostoievski-Maupassant-Nabokov. Mont-de-Marsan, France: Editions
InterUniversitaires, 1995. 193 pp. ISBN 2878170903.

Maixent, Jocelyn. Lecon litteraire sur Vladimir Nabokov: de La
Meprise a Ada. Paris: Presses universitaires de France, 1995. 195 pp. ISBN

There's also a new (Swiss) German book on Nabokov:

Reich-Ranicki, Marcel. Vladimir Nabokov: Aufsatzte. Zurich: Ammann
Verlag, 1995. 143 pp., with 4 plates of photos by Horst Tappe. ISBN 3250102776.

Jeff Edmunds