Vladimir Nabokov

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VN Bibliography: Nosik & Barzakh
EDITOR'S NOTE. The first item below--_Nosik's The World & Nabokov's Gift:
a first Russian biography of the writer_--is pretty much of a
patch-n-paste job. The second---Barzarkh's odd pamphlet _Back Translation:
some considerations about Nabokov's Prose_--looks more interesting. I will
offer some comments on it erelong.
1. Author: Nosik, Boris.
Title: Mir i dar Nabokova : pervaia russkaia biografiia pisatelia /
Boris Nosik.
Imprint: Moskva : Penaty, 1995.

2. Author: Barzakh, Anatolii.
Title: Obratnyi perevod : neskol'ko soobrazhenii o proze V.V.
Nabokova / Anatolii Barzakh.
Imprint: Sankt-Peterburg : Mitin zhurnal, 1995.